About Us

Experience the MAVERICK Difference

Every day we talk to manufacturers who have the data, capabilities and expertise they need to take their companies to the next level — but they’re still waiting to get there. That’s where we come in. We help manufacturers reach the point where potential meets performance. We do it every day, in every major industry, and we’re ready to do it for you.

We not only understand your goals; we make them happen. We’ve been in your shoes. More than 80% of our people have plant experience. We’ve mastered this stuff. Over 20 years. On 17,500 jobs. In 46 countries. Across six continents and on virtually every technology platform. We combine all of that technical and manufacturing expertise with our world-class business model to help you turn your plans into action. Whether you need resources to supplement your workforce, help with a project or ongoing program, or a partner who finally gets what you’re trying to do — and gets it done right. Depend on us to meet your needs for everything from industrial automation engineering and consulting to technician services, to enterprise-wide systems, to business process services, process audits and more.

About Those Triangles

Perhaps you’ve noticed the red triangles taking the place of the “A” and the “V” in the MAVERICK Technologies® logo. Those triangles aren’t there accidentally, nor are they there just because these letters lend themselves easily to a triangle shape.

The triangles are important to us because they are symbolic of the bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom holistic approach we use when evaluating every project. With our customer’s desired business and operational outcomes in mind, MAVERICK’s engineering consultants look at the project from multiple viewpoints. They consider many factors, such as scope, budget and interaction of various layers of the enterprise with existing equipment and systems. Then the project is viewed from both the top down and the bottom up to give the consulting team a keen enterprise-wide perspective. And that helps us ensure that the customized solution that we recommend is the right solution for you.

Using our highly effective OpCon Advantage consulting evaluation process, a careful review is done of the current operating systems from top to bottom and back again. The resulting customized solution is designed to meet the customer’s objectives and help them reach new levels of efficiency and profitability. MAVERICK’s consultants use a thorough assessment of legacy equipment, an investigation of potential new platforms and options, along with an innovative mindset to arrive at the optimum solution. This holistic approach helps us provide our customers with new advantages over their competitors and puts them in a stronger position to succeed.