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Get the Greatest Productivity from your ABB System

Manufacturers across Europe and Asia have depended on ABB’s control systems for years. With flexibility and power to drive productivity, these systems are now also used in the United States — particularly in the power generation, pulp and paper and chemical industries. When ABB controls are the right choice for you, MAVERICK Technologies is the right partner to help. We can implement, integrate and optimize any ABB automation solution for any industry, including upgrades and migrations.

Why MAVERICK Technologies

Because of the complexity of ABB 800xA, only a few vendors in the industry understand how to properly implement ABB controls, and MAVERICK is at the top of that list. We have a team of experts on staff who are fully trained and have decades of experience on ABB solutions in your industry. Need to migrate from ABB’s Bailey Infi 90®, MOD 300 or Advant Master to System 800xA? Need to get the most out of your existing ABB system? Need help with routine maintenance? We’re your go-to resource.

Whether you work in the power generation industry, water/wastewater or other process control industry, we understand the need to maintain your existing legacy system and protect your initial investment. In particular, we have more than 20 years of domain knowledge on ABB’s Infi 90 control platform. Utilizing ABB’s Symphony Plus series with its backward-compatible features, we can work with you to modernize your existing platform, making it more relevant and compatible with today’s technological advances.

We’re specially qualified to implement ABB automation solutions in the best way for your work environment. That’s because we already know your manufacturing processes inside and out. We’ve worked exclusively for manufacturers since our founding in 1999, developing deep domain expertise in the four main areas of manufacturing: the shop floor, operations, the supply chain and the back office. All that insight adds up to a superior understanding of enterprise interoperability and how to optimize it.

Expert Services for ABB Systems

We manage every step of your project to meet your objectives quickly, completely and with maximum return on investment.

Talk to a MAVERICK about working on your ABB platform.

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Depend on us to deliver the following for your ABB system:

  • Automation Solutions — We’ll leverage your ABB system to make improvements across your facility through automation engineering, process automation and more.
  • Advanced Process Control — We can help you improve quality management, cut energy costs and enhance your overall performance.
  • Enterprise Integration — We’ll enable real-time information transfer, productivity increases and improved visibility through full integration with your ABB system.
  • HMI Software Design — We’ll help you migrate your HMI system and implement new guidelines for safety and efficiency.